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10 Responses to Life

  1. Nicole says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful is an understatement. Very moving. It is important to cherish life every single day.

    • I’ll pass your comment along to Okie…by email since we live on opposite coasts. She is somewhat amazed that people can find her poems on the internet. She does have access to a computer, so will be pleased to see that others share her appreciation of life.

  2. Great post today thanks.

  3. Nicole says:

    Definitely let her know. (:

  4. nrhatch says:

    From me too! It’s beautiful! 😀

    Thanks, Kathy

  5. Roberta says:

    Talk about inspiration!! Fabulous..

  6. maryjo fowler says:

    I just had a friend pass. He was not a church going type of fellow. His mother was and they had a service for him at a church. The minister started in talking about damning our eternal souls if we were not church goers. One of our friends walked out. I stayed and did not burst into flames. After the service some other friends had a discussion about “organized” religion. Seems as though most of us “heathens” believe, just not in the way the most churches want us to. My church is the woods, a mountain top, a gentle stream. I thank you for putting your wise words of wisdom on this subject into a poem that I could share with my friends.

    • Yes, nicely phrased…. from Kathy (Okie has a hard time with the logistics of accessing the internet/blog…I think she can hardly believe this blog exists and that it gets so many views by, and such appreciation from, people from all over the world…a nice surprise for her!)

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