Hope, by Okie


A new selection, below, Hope,  written by Okie on April 28, 2014.

I (Kathy, Pocket Perspectives)  was just in New Hampshire this past week and Okie shared lots of wisdom and several wonderful new pieces she has written.  I’ll post several of those selections, over the next few days.

Okie was very sick during the past month.  During that same time,  Okie’s 95 year old sister Kay, Kathy’s mother, was very sick, too.  Okie, thankfully, is feeling a lot better now and hoping to get stronger soon.  Kathy’s mother Kay isn’t doing as well in recovering, but time will tell.

Okie strongly prefers that her writing selections be read in their original form, in her own handwriting.  She thinks the “voice” of handwriting is more authentic than typed presentation.  I’ll put both a photo of her handwritten piece below and an additional typed up copy of that selection, for ease of reading for people with smaller computer monitors.


written by Okie on 4/28/2014, NHVH

Okie Hope





Hope, by Okie April 2014





by Okie
4/28/2014, NHVH


     I’ve read so many wonderful stories about brave people who had the courage to get strong again.  I was very sick and now it is my job to work at getting strong again. I sure hope I can do it.

     First, I think I must firmly believe that I can do it.  I used to be able to stand on my legs- even walk.  But all of these weeks of depending on the machine- I’ve lost all my strength in my legs.

     But I guess if I try hard and keep hoping, I’ll walk again.  It will be wonderful.  Now all I can do is hope for the best.

     Spring is here – almost- so it is a very good time to Hope for the best.

    If you see me walking down the hall, clap your hands and say “Good work, Okie!”

    I’m still 97 years old and quite hopeful,        Love, Okie




Perhaps, we can all make our own hopeful wishes for Okie to get stronger again soon?

Okie mentioned that she wasn’t able to get Physical Therapy appointments, so she figured she would just quietly roll herself over to that PT area in her own wheelchair and “hope” that they might take her in, during breaks from other people’s appointments. Well, that strategy worked the other day. Perhaps…….

“hope + ingenuity + initiative + persistence”
will lead to getting stronger again…
we’ll all “hope” so…




While Peter and I (Kathy)  were there in New Hampshire, Okie thoroughly enjoyed reciting many inspiring, long (!!!) poetry selections she had memorized in earlier years and reading aloud the various new pieces she has written in the past few months.

I did an audio recording, on my iphone,  of Okie reciting one poem and will see if I can figure our how to add an audio recording to this blog. (Do any other wordpress bloggers know how the actual “steps” involved in accomplishing that process?)

Okie’s son Dick might continue to audio record Okie reading some of the other pieces she has written and might email them to me to add here on this blog.   Okie’s  voice is so strong, authentic, dramatic and expressive!  I’d love people to be able to hear her reading her work!



Okie seems to be quite intrigued by the idea that so many different people from all over the world (!!!) appreciate her ideas and her writing. It’s really special to see her reaction to that awareness!  Amazing, that a 97 year old woman is still writing and happy to share her ideas in this manner…remarkable, I think.

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