4/9/2012 Sisters, sisters…take my hand

This poem, written in 1993, by Okie for Kay’s 75th birthday is so special.
Okie is now 95, Kay is 93 and the oldest sister Esther was 97…but passed away in May, 2012.

Kathy typed this poem up again today, on a different background, adding a few early photos along the side….a lovely tribute from one sister to another.

And some photos from those long ago days…

And one more photo…taken 2011,this past summer…of the 3 sisters…
Okie, on the left…and Kay, on the right. are well.
Esther,in the center,  has been well until several days ago…


it seems that this might be  a good addition….for today…
it’s posted in another post, but I wanted to add it today…


November 19, 2015:  A photo taken on Kay’s  95th birthday, November 18, 2013     (Okie is on the left, Kay is on the right)


Okie and Kay on Kay's 95th birthday, November 18


Okie and Kay on Kay's birthday


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7 Responses to 4/9/2012 Sisters, sisters…take my hand

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  3. judithhb says:

    I love that you are sharing a happy birthday together with your sisters Okie. Please give the birthday girl a hug from your New Zealand friend. Judith 🙂

    • My husband and I joined the birthday celebration by Skyppe…it was special. Kay really enjoyed herself and it was nice for Okie ,and her son Dick, to be able to extend that happiness to the “little sister.” Kay seemed so pleased and that was special to see.

  4. judithhb says:

    Sorry I meant your sister Kay although of course, your other sister will be with you all in spirit. 🙂

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